Frisco Lone Star FFA
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Ordering FFA Jacket
Ordering your FFA Jacket 

Ordering Lone Star FFA Jackets

How to order your FFA Jacket:

Go to find Shop FFA on the left-hand side. You will see a link for Jacket Fitting. It is very important that you follow the instructions! After you have your measurements, click on the Official Dress link, click on the FFA Jacket and fill in all of the information. If you would like to try on some jackets and find your size, come by F112

Your Chapter number is: TX1571

Your Advisor's name is : Sarah Deibert

Your State is: Texas

Your Chapter name is: Frisco Lone Star Enter the information as follows:

Line 1: Frisco

Line 2: Lone Star

This will prevent your jacket from having the hyphen between Frisco and Lone Star.

*DO NOT enter an FFA Officer Position unless you are a Senior. 


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