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Livestock Show Results

2021-2022 Stock Show Results 


Hayden Long: 2nd Place in class with Bugs and Delilah @ County Show

8th Place in class with Bugs @ Ft Worth

Bugs, 2nd place Ring A & B @ Waxahachie Jackpot

Delilah, 2nd place Ring A and 1st Place Ring B @ Waxahachie Jackpot

Bugs, 1st in class, Reserve Champ Beefmaster @ Spooky Showdown

Bugs, 1st in class, Breed Champion, American Reserve Champion Ring A, 1st in class, Breed Champion Ring B @ Ellis County Jackpot


Logan Diffee: 1st in class with Boujee, Reserve Champion ARB @ County Show 

1st in class, Reserve Champion ARB in both Ring A & Ring B @ Waxahachie Jackpot

1st in class, Champion ARB, Champion American Ring A, 2nd in class Ring B @ Ellis County Jackpot 

1st in class, Champion ARB, Reserve American @ Perrin Punchout Jackpot

1st in class ,Champion ARB Ring A & Ring B @ Labor Day Blowout Jackpot



Logan Diffee and Lizzo:

4th place @ San Angelo's The Show 

4th place @ County Show, making Sale! 

1st in class, Grand Champ Duroc @ Paris Jackpot

10th place @ San Antonio Stock Show Purebred Gilt Show

6th place @ Texas Elite Gilt Show 

Logan Diffee and Kodak: 

5th place @ Paris Jackpot

Allison Lorenz and Shark:

2nd place @ Wes Hardy Memorial Buckle Show

Ella Pecino and Whisk: 

2nd place @ Wes Hardy Memorial Buckle Show

6th place @ County Show

2nd place @ Greenville FFA Jackpot

Emma Shuffield and Bear:

2nd place @ Princeton Fall Classic

6th place @ County Show

Maddox Stacks (Jr) and Lizzo:

2nd Place @ San Angelo's The Show


2020-2021 Stock Show Results: 


 Hayden :

NTX Fall Buckle @ Myer's Park 11/7 : 1st in ring 1 and ring 2. 

Collin County Junior Livestock Show: Grand Champion Beefmaster Heifer 

San Angelo Livestock Show: 

Houston Livestock Show: 



Alvord FFA Jackpot: 3rd in Duroc Class

Collin County Livestock Show: 


Alvord FFA Jackpot: 4th place in Cross Class

Collin County Livestock Show: 6th place in Light Cross lightweight class


 Alvord FFA Jackpot: 7th in Cross Class

Collin County Livestock Show: 6th place in Dark Cross lightweight class


Mackenzie O: 6th in Medium Weights, barely missing Sale! 


Mackenzie P: 

Saginaw Jackpot 11/7: 1st in Does, Best of Breed. 

Collin County Livestock Show: 


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